Bridging The Gap

Aspire Ability offers two harmonious solutions for bringing education providers and employers together to create and hire the talent needed in the modern workforce.

Align Education Providers & Employers

It’s time to get Education Providers and Employers back on the same page. Align provides Subject Matter Expert-approved job market data so Education Providers can align their programs with relevant, up-to-date, and in-demand job requirements that are sourced directly from Employers.

Articulate Talent Needs

Align starts by collecting job market data from key Employers in an industry to understand the core needs of a job and/or family of jobs. Based on this data, a Core 80 Job Profile is created, and used by Employers to find talent through our platform. 

Align Education and Employment

In addition to articulating talent needs to employers, our Core 80 Job Profile data is relayed to Education Providers so they can align their programs to the actual needs of Employers, ensuring that their students are equipped with the competencies they need upon graduation. 

Through Align, the lines of communication between Educational Providers and Employers stay open, which keeps educational programs up-to-date and Employers happy, because they can find Job Seekers with the competencies they need.

Activate Job Seeker Agency

Our platform puts power back in the hands of the Job Seeker. They know that their Competency Profile will reflect their actual competencies, showcasing exactly what they know, as well as what they can do. They can rest assured that Employers will choose them based on their merit, and not just because their resume happened to land on top of the stack.

Connect Job Seekers & Employers

Connect enables trustable connections between Job Seekers and Employers. By creating Competency Profiles and Job Posts through Aspire Ability’s Core 80 Job Profile templates, Employers find talent that is specific to their exact needs, and Job Seekers get matched to jobs which are the best fit for their unique set of competencies.

Rubric-Based, Evidence-Backed Competency Assertions

In order to get matched to the best job possible, and provide trustable credentials, Job Seekers create a Competency Profile using rubric-based, evidence-backed competency assertions. They can also attach any applicable evidence they may have to support their claims.

Employers will be able to view and evaluate a Job Seeker’s Profile to determine if they are the best fit for the job.

Competency-Specific Job Requirements

Using Aspire Ability’s Core 80 Job Profiles as the ultimate guide, Employers can craft competency-specific job requirements to ensure that potential job applicants know exactly what levels of proficiency are required for the job/

Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

While we don’t tell Employers who to hire, our Core 80 job-matching data leads Employers to the best potential job candidates. Employers will be matched with Job Seekers based on how well their competencies align with the competencies required in the Employer’s Job Post. 

And, as a perk, their hiring decisions can be based on merit alone, instead of misinformation, luck, or bias.